Health & Social Care Students visit to Romanian School and Orphanages

STUDENTS OF healthcare, social care and childcare make an annual visit to a small community in Romania. They work alongside staff in two orphanages, a school and a Romany village, helping with the daily routines and sharing with them the concepts of care that they have learnt in college.

The Sir William Turner Foundation contributes in excess of £5000 towards the costs of transport, accommodation and consumables for the visit. 


In 2016 students visited the Dumbrava Shelter for the Homeless. Katie gives a hand massage to one of the 100 residents, a double amputee (below the knee).



Playing games with the parachute sees to cross all language barriers and residents of all ages were soon singing and laughing.  For many, any activity is a highly therapeutic break from the remorseless boredom of life in an institution.

At the Romany village students distributed food and other essentials that they had bought locally with money raised through their own UK fund-raising

Typical living conditions in the Romany village

The William Turner Foundation has committed £8500 towards the 2017 return visit to Romania.