Annual Reunion

The Old Coathamians’ Annual Reunion will be held at the Waterwheel Inn, Liverton Mines on Saturday 17th June 2017 at 7.00pm. Around thirty or forty Old Coathamians – students and staff - meet each year to catch on each other’s news. We hope that you will be able to join them. Please spread the word as far as possible via your Facebook contacts.

In 2016, thanks to the generosity of Old Coathamians Stuart was able to donate £400 to each to the Marie Curie, Macmillan Nurses, and Ovacome charities

Please send a payment of £18 to cover everything (cheques payable to J.S.Fawcett  please) if possible by 31st May. although we will always try to include late joiners of course. For more details ring Stuart on 01642 229908 or write to him at 17 Bolton Close Redcar TS10 2NB. (Note: Stuart is not connected to the Internet.)

The telephone number at the Inn is 01287 640322 where Ian will be happy to be advised of any particular dietary needs as usual (and accept bookings for other dates as required).